Class Selection and Registration

As a new cadet, you’ll need to register for both the Aerospace Studies Academic Class and Leadership Lab class.  If you attend one of our cross-town schools be sure to register only for those courses that begin with (ASC) DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE CREDIT COURSE SECTIONS TO AVOID SU TUITION FEES BEING APPLIED!

Freshman cadets joining AFROTC’s four-year program must register for Leadership Lab (Friday afternoon from 2:15pm – 4:15pm) and one section of National Security Organization (Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon).

Sophomore or higher cadets joining AFROTC’s three-year program must register for Leadership Lab Friday afternoon from 2:15pm – 4:15pm), one section of National Security Organization (Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon), and one section of Development of Air Power (Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning).

AFROTC classes and registration [PDF, 198KB]

Pre-Participatory Sports Physical

If possible, your sports physical should be completed before NSOP.  Participation in Physical Training is prohibited until a sports physical is completed. If you do not have a completed physical by the second week of class, then you may not be admitted as a cadet!

If you have an approved DODMERB Exam Physical from an academy or ROTC scholarship application, then please contact the detachment. You may not be required to complete a Form 28.

Pre-Participatory Sports Physical (AFROTC Form 28) [PDF, 23KB]
View other required documents needed to apply to AFROTC.


Your Air Force uniforms will be issued (at no cost!) during the first term. Prior to being issued uniforms, all new cadets wear standardized, appropriate civilian attire to all official AFROTC events. This consists of the following for both men and women:

  • Dark blue collared polo shirt (no obvious logos or print on them)
  • White V-neck t-shirt worn underneath the dark blue polo
  • Khaki pants
  • Black or brown belt
  • Closed-toed shoes that are NOT sneakers (i.e. comfortable dress shoes)

During NSOP, any business casual attire (khakis, polo or button-down) will be appropriate. During physical training, cadets wear appropriate athletic attire (no obscene or offensive graphics) until Physical Training Uniforms are issued.

Fitness Preparation

To make the transition into ROTC, you may need to begin preparing yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Develop a fitness conditioning plan to prime yourself for AFROTC Physical Training (PT) sessions.

AFROTC Fitness Standards
Official USAF Fitness Charts for your age and gender