“To develop quality leaders for the Air Force”

image_resizeThe Air Force ROTC mission is “To develop quality leaders for the Air Force.” AFROTC is hosted on 145 campuses nationwide that service over 1,100 colleges.

Scholarships are available  for one to four years, paying partial to full tuition, fees, and books. As an Air Force ROTC cadet, students have the ability to earn a degree at Syracuse University or one of our 12 crosstown universities while participating in military training to earn a commission as an officer.

AFROTC is designed as a four year program; however, it can be expanded to five years or shortened to three years depending upon a cadet’s academic plans. Prior and current military members, Junior ROTC and Civil Air Patrol cadets may request waivers for a portion of the lower class curriculum due to their previous Air Force indoctrination and experience.

AFROTC is divided into two sections, the General Military Course (GMC) for freshmen and sophomores, and the Professional Officer Course (POC) for juniors and seniors.

GMC cadets attend Leadership Laboratory and an academic class covering topics as diverse as Air Force history, marching, customs & courtesies, uniform wear, and communication skills. There is no commitment to enlist in the Air Force as a GMC cadet, unless on scholarship. GMC cadets compete to attend Field Training after their sophomore year, where they put their skills to the test to earn entrance into the POC.

Upper-class cadets practice their leadership skills in planning and executing Leadership Laboratory with the Active Duty cadre. In class, cadets cover topics including foreign culture awareness, Active Duty preparation, leadership and management skills. POC cadets have opportunities to further their training in several summer programs, such as Project Global Officer  (a language immersion program), internships, parachuting, gliding and the Advanced Course in Engineering [PDF, 4MB] (a cyber security experience).